Admitting Failure

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Biz

As Jeff keeps repeating in class; in every problem .. failure, lies an opportunity.

Each one of us will have his hard times but it’s up to us to turn this hardship into opportunity .. and hope.

It is very challenging for me to preach about this when not so long ago, i was hit hard by the depressing events in Egypt reflecting badly on my project. But amid this, i found this great touching video at TEDx by the founder of Engineers without Borders. Title? Learning from Failure.

David, the Founder, just speaks from his heart at this video. You have to watch it as no words can describe it. But then, see how it evolved into? he learned not to be ashamed of his failure but to discuss it out loud to learn from it. And loud for David took him and his team to publish his failure publicly a year after the other to be called the annual failure report.

Has he gone too far with exposing his failures? one could argue. But, maybe coz his org. is listed as charity and not business, he could care less. Still, it is something to learn from.. at least on the managerial level for biz. Each start-up of ours can have its annual failure report to discuss internally. The quick you admit failure, the sooner you succeed.



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