Posted: February 17, 2012 in Biz

Apple VS Samsung ..

Now, this has been going on for some time now (this is the latest) and the ‘legal battle’ never ends about patent violations. But, where does copyright lie in the Biz world? (Excuse my crawling business side).

The way it looks to me is that copyright involves some kind of product (which is the case in Apple & Samsung never-ending conflict), but what if it’s a biz model? what if i come up with a brand new biz model and some other people copy it and i screw it in competition ending up in losing it all? this cannot be fair (I know biz is not about justice but there has to be some kind of protection in this, correct me if i’m wrong).

It has been nearly a year since online selling deals have been flourishing in Egypt; you go to a website, sign up for an account and start purchasing their deals getting bet. 50% – 90% discount. I would guess it’s a global biz model but whatever ..

So, the first website of that kind was Offerna then came DarenDeal which just swept the online market then followed other sites like Cobone etc. It’s easy to tell that Offerna is not as widespread as DarenDeal although the former was the first to introduce this biz model to Egypt which makes me wonder if there are laws that protect the ‘model’ itself from infringement and not only the product.

The same argument applies for media start-ups. It even goes far than that with digital innovation (as in Mobile Apps). Bottom line is: What protects my innovation?


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