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Selfish Selflance!

Posted: March 10, 2012 in Biz, Incubator

I recently joined Freelance Professionals group on Linkedin and the next day, I received a message telling me about a group of business entrepreneurs who are looking for new digital businesses to invest in. It is simple; you submit your business idea and with it, copyright and ownership automatically shift to the receiver. If your idea was picked for a bet on a winning horse, the ‘funders’ would bear all costs and risks. When it bangs, they get 80% of the profit and you end up with only 20%!

Market? Planet Earth.

Selflance is the name of the website but you’d rather call it selfishness!

The website looks new to me. Nothing reflects better than their Twitter account which has 0 tweets, 0 followers and 0 following.

I’m thinking here who would accept this *BEEP* kind of offer! Will it be wanna-be-wealthy-and-quickly young people who mistakenly call themselves entrepreneurs? 20% is still a good percentage of a successful project that is generating income. A kind of project which you have to work on theoretically and do the math then ship the bill to the payer without having to worry about the results. Then you think of another project and so on ..

Or maybe young, hard-working, fresh and motivated entrepreneurs who strongly believe in what they do and the message they want to deliver, can find this helpful? They would play the think-tank while the so-called businessmen play the investor part then be the cashier in the end!

Even if both types might be in this, the latter might be of more interest to the greedy gang! (should be the name of the next get-funding-for-your-entrepreneurial-project show). Why? Coz the motivation would be of great benefit if correctly exploited. What’s better than having people, who have faith in what they do, work for you? They are willing to do whatever it takes to get their project on the ground. Not all projects of course would be lustrous enough and here comes in the smarty capitalists who know which project to pick. This is how some greedy business figures, represented in what’s called venture capitals, look at young entrepreneurs.. as their next apple.. young and fresh caring more about motivation and social message than actual profit.. perfect equation!

Have a look at their sort of application where you submit your proposal (known as dream to some), is this how we’d like to build our start-ups? It is not clear which projects they are working on right now, if any, but they say they will disclose them soon #DoubtIt